About Us

We are dedicated to help other industries solve any specific needs related to steel structures such as: power generation, mining, construction, parts for railroad cars, collection and recycling, among others.

Steel Structures For Mining

Equipment to facilitate the exploitation and minerals transportation.

Structures for the power generation industry.

Air filtering systems, Cooling systems, and more.

Steel structures for the construction industry.

Industrial warehouses, high rise buildings, etc.

Manufacture of parts for rail cars

Manufacture of parts according to your needs.

Waste collection and recycling equipment

Equipment for waste collection, compaction and recycling

Industrias Metálicas de Monclova, S.A de C.V

We are a company specialized in the fabrication of steel structures, as well as equipment for waste collection and recycling, waste transport, handrails, platforms and stairs, safety guards, mining equipment and for power generation.

We specialize on “Custom Projects” for each of our clients, without considering limitations in any industrial setting. We manufacture for the national market and export to the US, Canada and the rest of the world. 


  • Our services:

    • Interpretation and / or reproduction of drawings developed by the client
    • Detailed engineering
    • Development of  drawings  in Spanish, English and German
    • Assembly of structural components in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum materials.
    • Arc welding application with different processes (semi-automatic, submerged arc, stud and electrode welding) by qualified welders and supervised by AWS-CWI inspector.
    • Visual inspection of welding by qualified personnel according to AWS B5.2.
    • Non-destructive testing with local suppliers with ASNT TC1A certified personnel.
    • Airless paint application and / or conventional Painters and supervised by qualified NACE-certified inspectors CIP1
    • We apply automatic submerged arc welding, manual and semiautomatic welding electrode
    • Galvanizing of steel structures with local suppliers according to ASTM A123.
    • Packaging and shipment using barcode and according to customer specifications.

We have our own import and export department facilitating shipping and expediting in order that your product reaches its final destination without complications.


We are a company focused on steel fabrication, committed to meeting the requirements and needs of our customers, ensuring our presence in the current market and ensuring we have the right policies established by the General Management for future growth.


To be the best option for our customers in the manufacturing steel industry across the world, through the continuous improvement of our processes and the development of our staff.

We are proud of our solutions in the industries of:

Steel structures for the power generation industry

Meeting the highest standards of quality our steel structures are manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel and coated with wet paint, powder coating paint or zinc coated.

Steel Structures For Mining

In IMMSA we manufacture steel structures and equipment to facilitate handling, transportation and storage of minerals such as feeders, conveyors, support structures, chutes, conveyor modules and steel arches for mining.

Metal structures for construction

Steel structures for the construction of industrial buildings, high rise buildings, bridges, offshore rigs, hangers etc.

Waste collection and recycling equipment

We are manufacturers of equipment for waste collection, compaction and recycling industries. We also have qualified technical support throughout Mexico for our hydraulic equipment, as well as any other brand.

Fabrication of parts for rail cars

Manufacture of parts according to your needs.

SINCE 1981