Structures for the electricity generation industry

Manufacture of metal structures for electricity generation industry

Structures for the electricity generation industry

In IMMSA we manufacture metallic structures and equipment for electricity generating plants in carbon and stainless steel, such as:

  • Support structures
  • Marine stairs
  • Platform-aisle with grating
  • Railings
  • Pulse and static filter modules
  • Cooling evaporator modules.
  • Square Industrial Straight, Elbow, and Hopper Ducts (Transition)

These structures and equipment are presented at our facilities to corroborate their interfaces.

Depending on specifications, its coating can be galvanized *, industrial liquid paint and electrostatic powder paint. **

We have a specialized team for assembling components for the operation of the equipment, such as: filter supports, heads, pneumatic tubing and electrical installation.

* applies to support structures, aisle platforms, marine ladders and some accessories

** applies to railings and marine ladders for another type of design, the dimensions of the same will be evaluated.