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Estructuras Metálicas

Structures for the electricity generation industry

Steel Structures For Mining

Structures for the construction industry

Manufacture of railway parts

Recolección y Reciclaje

Stationary compactor octagon receiver

Vertical balers

Trash containers


Structures for the power generation industry

At IMMSA we manufacture metallic structures and equipment for electricity generating plants in carbon and stainless steel

Steel Structures For Mining

In IMMSA we manufacture steel structures and equipment to facilitate the exploitation and transportation of minerals such as feeders, conveyors, stands, chutes, conveyor modules, power belts and steel arches for mining.

Equipment to facilitate the exploitation and transport of minerals such as:
● Supports rigid arches for underground mines
● Trusses for ore transport
● Ore conveyor structure
● Apron feeder
● Ore transport modules
● Triple ore conveyor structure
● Ore conveyors
● Mainframes
● Structures supports
● Ore conveyor structure complete with bent support, trusses galleries and rollers
● Ore conveyor structure complete with bent support, trusses and galleries rollers, access aisles with handrails, chutes
● Feeders
● Conveyors
● Trusses
● Boards
● Discharge ducts
● Feed belts
● Rigid arches

Structures for the construction industry

We manufacture metal structures for industrial buildings, department buildings, hotel towers, bridges, parking lots, hangars, etc. All parts cut and drilled with CNC equipment.

Manufacture of railway parts

Manufacture of parts according to your needs.

Collection and recycling equipment

We are manufacturers of equipment for the provision, collection, compaction and recycling, we also have qualified technical support throughout the Mexican Republic for our hydraulic equipment, and any brand.

● Front-loading garbage containers.
● Rear-loading garbage containers.
● Stackable containers.
● Garbage compactors.
● Garbage trucks.
● Self-emptying hoppers.
● Compacting presses, and more…

Rear trash collector truck
At IMMSA we introduce our newest launch, Heil’s high-performance PT-1000A is the first trash picker and / or rear loader specifically designed using all the resources of Dover Corporation’s global initiatives.
Front load containers
We are fabricator of front load containers which are ideal for commercial and industrial use, as
well as residential neighborhoods.
Open top roll off containers
We manufacture 20, 30 and 40 yds3 containers ideal for waste collection. Designed for roll off and hook hoist system. Also available in heavy duty and extra heavy duty for construction debris and scrap metal.
Vertical balers
We are manufacturer of vertical balers, they are high quality steel made, our vertical balers make 880 to 1100 lbs. corrugated cardboard bales (model K5D) and 330 to 390 lbs.

Steel structures

Specialized steel structures

We are specialized in the steel fabrication for different applications. We manufacture all kind of special structures such as beams formed, air purification equipment, support structures, support structure for crusher, ore feed wagon and air cooled condenser support structure. Meeting the highest standards of quality our manufacturing lines are manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel and coated with wet paint, powder coating paint or zinc coated.


  • Installed capacity of 2,000 metric tons per month of finished product
  • 41,963 m2 production plant
  • More than 1,280 m2 of administrative and operational offices
  • More than 11,000 m2 of covered area in 8 industrial buildings
  • More than 24,000 m2 of patio area
  • 5 conventional paint chambers 4 and 1 with temperature control
  • 3 High definition plasma cutting equipment
  • 1 Plasma / peddinghaus punching machine
  • 350 tons computer numerical control press brake
  • 600 ton computer numerical control press brake
  • 4 Press brake of 750,175,150.90 tons
  • 3 hydraulic scissors
  • Profile rolling machine
  • 6 band saws for cutting
  • 4 punching machines
  • 2 hydraulic presses
  • More than 100 welding machines
  • 17 Overhead cranes 3, 5 and 10 tons
  • 3 land cranes 15,18 and 22 tons
  • 11 Forklifts
  • 1 shot blasting machine
  • 1 peddinhaus drilling machine